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Healing the Past: Our body’s wisdom and healing from trauma. -

Our Body's Wisdom and Healing from Trauma.

Krista Kujat

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Free: Irresistibly Confident Online Course (worth $147).

Designed to unveil the wholesome sexuality within you, the Irresistibly Confident course is going deep into places within you in order to uncover a bright, pristine landscape.

This unspoiled territory is completely yours.
It is not influenced by ideas that are doing you wrong.
And once you expose it with your awareness, it has no choice but to shine through.

Holistic Body Love for $97 (worth $497).

Holistic Body Love Program helps you learn how to live in a happy, peaceful and empowered relationship with food, your body image, and your whole Self in mind, body and spirit.

No more dieting or feeling out of control around food, no more self-sabotaging and no more living in body-shame!

It’s about understanding the connection between your thinking, your body and food so that you can discover true freedom forever!

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