Listen to world leading experts and reclaim the most dazzling sexual self you always knew was within you.

Have you ever wondered why your true sexual self is not showing its full potential? You are not alone. So many women have been trying to figure this out. It's difficult, though, because we live in a society that doesn't really encourage an open, mature discussion around the topic of sexuality. Many women are afraid that something might be wrong with them. Which is exactly why this online conference has been created - to delve into the heart of the matter. To give you the answers to the questions you didn't even know you had. To show you how to awaken the innate sexual being that has always been within you, and to fully integrate it into your life.

There is nothing wrong with you. It's time to invest in understanding, learning, and implementing the truths that will set your true self free. It's time to embrace the full spectrum of your sexuality. It's easier than ever to join the conference from the comfort of your own home. Watch in the privacy, from the device you prefer. Join the growing community of women who delight in their bodies, desires, and sensuality while leading the world into a sex-positive era.

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Here's what you'll tap into:

Module 1:

Body Confidence

Turns out, our body is perfect just the way it is. In modue 1 we will learn to embrace it, love it, and shine with it so everyone can see our vibrant self.

Module 2:

Releasing the Past

Our past experiences have shaped how we perceive our sexuality. In module 2 we will find out how to redirect the trajectory of past events toward the optimal place we want to be.

Module 3:

Your Inner Rhythm

In module 3 we will focus on our physiology: having a vibrant body that shines from within by understanding how our body changes through the cycle of the month and the years.

Module 4:

The Big O

The female orgasm can be somewhat elusive. In module 4 we will learn everything we need to know in order to maximize our orgasmic potential.

Module 5:


Navigating the delicate territory of relationships while staying true to ourselves: In module 5 we will cover how to communicate - to our partner, to our children, to society, while showing up as the dazzling sexual being that we are.

The conference experts are here to support your journey to rediscover what you always knew is yours -

Come and join us!

Module 1: Body Confidence

Rosalyn Fung

Cultivate a healthy relationship with your body.

In our interview, Rosalyn shares what it looks like to have a healthy relationship with our body and with food.

You might be surprised, but a healthy relationship with food doesn't necessarily mean no binge eating! It does mean, however, that when we do binge-eat it does not overcome us with shame and guilt.

If you want to learn a few simple and powerful ways to truly love your body and be kind and compassionate to it, this is the talk you need to listen to.

Valerie Fruge

How to stop obsessing about what your body looks like and start living your passion.

What if you took the time and energy that you currently spend focusing on the way your body looks, and utilized it to do the things that really matter to you instead?

Valerie talks about her own experience as a dancer with a body that is larger than the strict standards that our society's dance industry allows for. She gives the most amazing tips on how to release yourself from the inner critic and free yourself to follow your true passion.

She also has some good advice on what to wear to your workout if you do feel uncomfortable with how your body looks - and it's not what they tell you in fashion magazines, for sure!

Deanne Vincent

Sharing your body story to empower the world.

Deanne Vincent shares with us how sharing her body-image story with the world transformed her and many of her client's lives.

In this interview, we will learn simple techniques to fully connect to our body: how to become aware - and maintain this awareness in the long run - of the signals our body sends us, and how to invoke pleasure in our lives with very simple, yet profound shifts in the way we perform everyday tasks. 

Module 2: Releasing the Past

Efrat Wolfson

Identifying and clearing sexual blocks.

In this interview, Efrat Wolfson shares the 5 most common blocks that hold women back from enjoying sex and embracing their sexuality.

According to Efrat, releasing the blocks does not mean we are free of these blocks forever. It does, however, mean that we have the tools to deal with them when they show up.

Listen to this interview if you want to identify your most prevalent blocks and learn how to clear them and enjoy your sexual vitality.

Krista Kujat

Our body's wisdom and healing from trauma.

Krista Kujat reveals how to work with our body in order to let go of whatever it is that holds us back. She gives hands-on advice that every woman can practice drawing from her experience as a certified Somatic Experiencing Trauma Release practitioner. She explains what listening to our body actually means, and what to do with the messages that come through.

Listen to this interview if you want to learn how you can heal the past through allowing intense emotions to run their course without getting caught in their story.

Savannah Ellis

Moving forward from infidelity.

Affairs are a very painful indeed. Whether you experienced it with your partner, or an ex-partner, perhaps it happened to your best friend or maybe it happened with your parents when you grew up. If you suffered from infidelity, you will need to address the wounds and heal properly in order to make sure your current and future relationships have a chance to thrive.

In this talk we'll discuss how to recover from a past event of infidelity, and what's the best course of action if you only recently found out about an affair. You can also learn which signs to look for to take preliminary action well before an affair is forming.

Connie Kowalski

Releasing subconscious beliefs.

Some beliefs that hold us back are easy to detect. But when it comes to our subconscious mind, we might be holding some beliefs that we're not even aware are there, Theta Healing is a modality that taps into the subconscious realm, where cognitive therapy cannot reach. 

Connie Kowalski tells us about the four levels of beliefs that might affect the way we experience the world, and how to release them using our Theta brain waves. 

Module 3: Your Inner Rhythm

Janet McGeever

Sex, midlife, and beyond.

Did you know that a simple (but profound!) change of approach to the way we make love can alleviate many of the symptoms that we traditionally associate with menopause? 

In this interview, Janet McGeever explains why women may experience these symptoms (lack of sexual desire, pain during intercourse, and a few others) at any stage of their lives, and why some report these specifically during the time of transition.

Her book Tantric Sex and Menopause (co-authored with Diana Richardson) is discussed in detail, including the many options women have to experience a dazzling sex-life through midlife and beyond.

Angela Warburton

The Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to women's wellbeing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is all about finding balance in your life and in your body. Traditionally, Chinese doctors were paid when their patients were well, and they were not paid if their patients got sick! According to TCM, cycle-related symptoms, such as PMS, cramps or discomfort are a sign that something is out-of-balance, and menopause is referred to as women's second spring.

If you want to understand the principles of TCM and learn which of them you can apply to your everyday life right now in order to gain more balance, then this interview is a great starting point.

Chandler Marrs

What you need to know about hormones.

We've all heard about hormones, but do you actually know what they are? As Chandler Marrs explains, hormones are signaling molecules that affect every part of our body and brain. When they function smoothly, our health is intact, but there are so many factors that can cause disruptions - stress, diet, and medications to name a few.

In this interview, Chandler Marrs explains how hormones work, why synthetic hormones can cause many side effects, and what we can do in order to restore hormonal balance in our body. If your health needs attention, listen to this talk to find out how you can be your own doctor.

Bethan Davies

The four seasons of your menstrual cycle.

With a simple analogy of the four seasons, we can take advantage of the natural rhythm of our cycle. Knowing which phase you're in, and making small adjustments that support that stage of your cycle, can make the difference between feeling like you're struggling and feeling like things happen effortlesly.

Listen to this talk if you want to find an easy way to understand, connect, and tap into your natural flow.

Module 4: The Big O

Xanet Pailet

Everything you want to know about your G-spot.

Xanet explains everything you need to know about the G-Spot:

Who has it (every woman!), where to find it, what it feels like, and the difference between orgasms that are experienced through stimulating the G-Spot and orgasms that are stimulated otherwise.

Xanet explains the difference between out-asms (where the sexual energy moves out of the body) and in-asms (where the sexual energy moves inwards).

Listen to this talk to learn how you can experience a G-Spot orgasm.

Kit Murray Maloney

Solo-sex for integrating pleasure into our entire being.

What is the difference between masturbation and solo-sex? And how do we find the time in our busy hectic life to enjoy it?

Kit Murray Maloney tells us about the Chakras in our bodies, and how releasing stuck energy - from the 2nd Chakra specifically - can help us in many areas of our lives. Follow her simple exercises, focused on the second Chakra, to find your voice, increase your creativity, create wealth, and even free yourself from addiction to substances.

Dr. Andrea Pennington

The importance of compassion and forgiveness in our sexuality.

In this interview Dr. Andrea Pennington is emphasizing why it is so vital to allow ourselves pleasure - even if our social conditioning is saying otherwise. 

Listen to this interview to learn why compassion and forgiveness are vital for enjoying our sex lives, and why there is nothing hedonistic about having a fulfilling sex life: on the contrary! She found that women who have a thriving, pleasurable sexual experiences tend to be more altruistic and caring in their lives.

Dr. Saida Desilets

What is a Jade Egg and how can it enhance your dazzling sexual self?

The Jade Egg is a powerful tool to enhance our ability to feel pleasure by training our pelvic area to become vibrant and alive.

As the world's leading authority on the Jade Egg, Dr. Saida Desilets reveals how using the jade egg correctly assists with creating new neuro-pathways that can lead to orgasms.

If you want to own your sexual sovereignty and learn how to bring pleasure to your life while feeling safe, this talk is a must.

Diana Richardson

An old-new approach to orgasm for women.

What is the difference between orgasm and orgasmic? What are peak orgasms and valley orgasms? And how do we develop a sex practice that is energizing, rejuvenating, and fulfilling?

Diana Richardson's interview is audio-only and is paramount for any woman who would like to explore a completely revolutionary approach to sex based on Tantric traditions.

Module 5: Relationships

Isiah McKimmie

How to communicate with your partner about sex.

If you sometimes feel shy or insecure about raising the topic of sex with your partner - you are not alone. Isiah shares with us the most common issue that long-term couples - both men and women - ask for her help with.

She's giving a few tips and examples of how to dive deep into this delicate topic.

In this interview, you will learn how to talk about sex from an empowered place while making sure your partner stays on board.

Bez Stone

Sex that is mutually fulfilling.

When most of us think about sex, we think about sex that is "going round the bases" - we start with kissing, then touching some specific parts of the body, penetration, and orgasm. Turns out, this approach to sex is not doing us well - especially not in long-term relationships. 

Bez stone is revealing how sex in long-term relationships can actually get better. She's taking us through some of the most important aspects of sex that makes it a mystery - an unpredictable journey that both women and men crave for. Listen to this interview if you, like so many of us, had enough of sex that is unfulfilling, and want to know how to have a deeply satisfying sex life with your long-term partner.

Rachel Ratliff

Normalizing the discussion around sex.

Rachel Ratliff tells us about the journey that led her to discover her sexual self at a later stage in life, and a precious old book that got her to start interviewing women in detail about their sex lives.

Rachel could see that in simply talking and sharing their story, women (and men!) start to become more open sexually, and this then affects every aspect of their lives. In this interview Rachel tells us how we can start a bold, mature discussion about sex with the people around us and be at the frontier of transforming our society into a sex-positive, shame-free one.

Dr. Lanae St. John

The birds and the bees: what, how, and when to have that conversation with your kids.

Many parents dread "The Birds and the Bees talk" with their children, but according to Dr. Lanae St. John, there's really no need to.

In her approach to raising children who understand sex and feel confident in their bodies and sexuality, the subject of sex is addressed in a simple, casual, and often indirect way, so there's nothing to fear.

Lanae explains the 5 building blocks for a healthy sexuality, in which children are more likely to develop into confident, responsible sexually active adults when the time is right for them.

Dawn Serra

Playfulness as the antidote to stuckness.

Ever felt that you are stuck? Unsure how to bring a sense of Aliveness into your relationship? Wondering how to re-ignite the curiosity and excitement?

Turns out, it's not about bringing back the spark that was there at the start of the relationship. Instead, it's about intentionally creating a new spark again and again.

Dawn Serra shares that silliness and being vulnerable are key for thriving long-term-relationships, and she shares a few tricks that work for her and her clients. In this last session of our conference, we invite you to explore, play, and be OK with being awkward.

Why this conference is just right for you:

You can watch the interviews in the discreet comfort of your private home. 

Watch by yourself or with your partner.

If there's something you always wanted to know about your sexuality but wasn't sure who you can ask, this conference will point you in the right direction.

There has never been a better time to invest in one of the most precious, but least-talked-about, aspect of your life.

Your sexuality needs your appreciation, as it has been affected by a lifetime of exposure to the wrong kind of attention. The attitudes that are being reflected by mass media and by less-informed individuals are far from helpful. It is time for you to own what is actually yours: the innate sexuality that resonates within every fiber of your being. This is the sexuality that allows you to thrive and that makes your soul dance. It is time to rediscover it!

This conference is not some magazine-style "how to" BS. 

The experts here have spent thousands of hours working with female sexuality issues. Some have worked as therapists with individuals and couples, some have worked at the forefront of scientific research. One thing is for sure: they all understand the real reasons why women don't get to fully express their sexuality. And they give you real-life advice that actually works.

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You decide! Pay as little as $1 or as much as 1 million dollar - whatever you can afford, it's entirely up to you.

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Can men watch the conference too? Can I watch with my partner?

Absolutely YES. Whoever finds the topic of women's sexuality interesting is welcome to learn, grow and benefit. And watching the interviews as a couple can be very rewarding indeed!

I'm an LGBTQI identfied person, is this conference for me?

This conference is directed specifically to heterosexual cis females. However, anyone can enjoy and learn from quite a few of the interviews. Have a look at the agenda and see which interviews could be relevant for you.

Many of the experts who are being interviewed have a vast knowledge of sexuality beyond the topic of the interview itself, and it might be worth it just to get to know them.

I'm not really sexually active, are the interviews for me?

If you are interested in any aspect of your sexuality, or if you are hoping to become sexually active in the future, this conference will give you many insights and tools to embrace, enjoy, and celebrate your own unique sexuality.

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Because knowing more about sexuality is key to our satisfaction.

Hi, I'm your host, Maya Melamed.

Up until quite recently, I was one of those people who would blush whenever the word "sex" was mentioned. I wouldn't dream of talking about the topic to anyone!

But after years of being simply unsatisfied with my own sex life, I decided to look into the heart of the matter. I quickly realized that pretty much everything I had read, heard, and absorbed from different sources about sex and sexuality up until then had been as far from the truth as possible.

I now understand that a big part of the problem is that we, as a society, don't talk about sex in a mature, open, and conducive manner.

I am here to help to facilitate the revolution that will de-taboo sex. Then everyone can relate to sexuality as naturally as we relate to other areas of our lives. I want our sexuality to be fully integrated into our lives, so that shame, guilt, and embarrassment will never stop us enjoying our sex lives to the fullest.

Needless to say, when sex is accepted in our culture as a natural aspect of our whole being, there will be hardly any room for sexual confusion and sexual misconduct.

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